Policy Options

Grange Mutual Insurance currently offers a variety of different polices to best serve the diverse needs of our members. Your Grange Mutual Insurance agent can help you decide which option is right for you and help you determine an adequate amount of coverage to meet your particular needs.

    Farm Owner’s Special

Grange’s founding came from a need for farmers in rural areas to have access to affordable insurance. Today, that cornerstone of our foundation is still as strong as ever in our Farm Owner’s Special. Designed to insure farm dwellings occupied by either owners or tenants, this policy gives coverage to the main dwelling, farm buildings, machinery, and even things like hay, well pumps, and glass breakage in cabs. Our newly revamped Farm Owner’s Special now includes liability, personal property, and theft coverage.

     Homeowner’s Special

While the Grange’s roots may have started in the rural areas, we changed with the times as more members began to come to our company from urban areas. That gave rise to the Homeowner’s Special, one of our most popular and most selected policies. The Homeowner’s Special can be used to insure your own dwelling but can also be used to insure dwellings that are rented to others or for seasonal houses. We take great pride in the fact that our policies are flexible enough to allow you – the homeowner – the ability to add additional coverage to other structures (garages, outbuilding, etc), personal property (contents), theft, and liability coverage to make your policy the complete insurance protection package.

     Mobile Home Owner’s Special

The large popularity of mobile homes in Oklahoma gave rise to an insurance policy specifically tailored for that home owner. The Mobile Home Owner’s Special can also be used to insure dwellings that are rented to others or for minimal protection on an owner-occupied house or on owner occupied seasonal house. Like all of our polices, you can choose to add other structures, personal property (contents), or liability coverage to make this a complete insurance protection package.

     Renter’s Insurance

Owning a home can be a source of tremendous source of pride for any family. Some of our Grange members are in the process of being future home owners and often need protection. For those members in that category, Grange offers Renter’s Insurance to protect your contents by offering you the same level of liability and theft protection that we offer our home and farm owners.

     Policy Benefits

You expect complete protection in your insurance policies and here are some of the most important aspects of all of our policies:

Grange Insurance offers you a variety of different deductibles to meet your financial needs. Your Grange Insurance Agent can walk you through the savings offered through our various deductibles when your policy is being created.

Accidents do happen. Unfortunately, you could be responsible for accidents that occur on that property simply because you own it. Therefore, we have added liability clauses in our policies help protect you. This is an invaluable addition to your policy.

While accidents are an unfortunate part of life, theft is an all too real risk in today’s world. Thanks to our theft clauses in our policies, you won’t have to let a tragedy cripple your family. And if unique items or collections need additional protection, your agent can help you add even more protection to safeguard your important valuables.

We certainly hope that you never are a victim of theft, arson, or vandalism. However, if such an occurrence happens, Grange Mutual Insurance will pay up to $1,000 to the person who furnishes original information that leads to the arrest and felony conviction of a person or persons committing any of these heinous acts on the property of an Oklahoma Grange Mutual Insurance member. Reward signs are available to post on your property, ask your agent for more information.

We can accept annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly plans. Payments may be made by cash, personal check, money order, or direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account for annual, semi-annual or quarterly plans. Monthly payments can only be processed by direct withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

We take your information seriously and take extensive measures to protect it. We do not sell your information to third parties.