In 1916, the Oklahoma Grange – fully known as “The Oklahoma State Grange Patrons of Husbandry” – was started by a group of rural-dwelling farmers to help secure educational, social, legislative and co-operative benefits for its members. These like-minded, grass roots individuals recognized that one of the primary difficulties for their members was a lack of rural insurance for farm owners. To help address this issue, the Grange decided to create an insurance company to protect their fellow members. Incorporated in the state of Oklahoma in 1917, the Grange Mutual Insurance Association set out to provide its members mutual protection for their property, safeguarding them from loss by fire, lightning, and tornadoes.

Grange Mutual Insurance has come a long way since 1917. Today, Grange Mutual Insurance offers both our urban- and rural-dwelling members a variety of insurance policies. We are proud to offer policies for home owners, farm owners, mobile home owners, and even coverage from renters. We offer protection for total losses brought on by fire but we also offer protection in the form of liability, theft, and vandalism coverage.

The world has changed dramatically since the days of our establishing and Grange Mutual Insurance is changing to keep up with the constantly improving world of technology. We are offering policyholders access to their accounts via the Internet and we are using tablet computers for our solicitors to be as fast, convenient, and accurate as possible.

Grange Mutual Insurance Association has changed with the times but we have never lost sight of our founding principles. Our primary focus has been and always shall be protecting our core family values and protecting our Oklahoma State Grange Patrons of Husbandry members who are united by strong and faithful ties to the agricultural fraternity. We warmly invite you to partner with Grange Mutual Insurance and be a part of our family where we resolve to labor for the good of our Order, our country, and mankind.